AMBER Wearable Towel - Navy Blue

Carrying towels is a thing of the past with the Amber Towel, a beautiful wearable hoodie towel for the beach, pool or bathroom. Put it on, button it up and throw the hoodie over your head to dry off fast.

Made from terry velour cloth, woven cotton with loops from one side for absorbency and sheared loops on the other for soft and luxurious feel. Hand-sewn with 100% love and crafted to be of the highest quality.

The Amber Towel has two arm holes so it’s easy to slip on and stay in place, a hoodie with buttons to prevent from falling off and to dry you off fast. And it’s easy to store. You can hang your Amber Towel by the hood.

- Measures 49” x 53”.
- Absorbent cotton woven terry velour cloth towel. Will dry you off fast!
- Hand-sewn construction.
- Buttons to keep it in place.
- Washer and dryer safe.
- Super cute.

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