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How Did It All Start ...

Imagine your trip to the pool. You need swimwear, clothes, towel, bag for phone/ wallet / keys ... And the list just goes on, especially once you have the bag(!). In my case, you would have to multiply this list x3 since an entire family was heading to the pool... What you would see is a mom carrying 3 towels, bag with clothes to change for the toddler son, a phone and keys, dad carrying some entertaining accessories for the pool and running after the same toddler who would not be listening. In the middle of all this, phones would slip and fall God knows where and keys, well they might have even gotten lost...

Long story short, I (mom) had a big problem and if you even just sometimes feel the same, ping me, share your story...

I had to change the fact that these towels are such a burden. They take huge amount of space but the return value is only for those few seconds when we get out of the water. Then what? Carrying it around in my hands while I would much rather hold on to something valuable, like the hand of my toddler, seemed like a b***s***. Basically, our pool trips became a daunting task and frequency reduced but for all the wrong reasons.

One day I simply refused to carry towels and requested everyone to carry theirs. That did not work either. Guess what was the magic solution for my both boys (dad and son) - wear the towel on top of their swim shorts . Son loved the hoodie and got busy messing with it, his dad/ my husband put his precious stuff like phone, wallet and keys in the pockets. Clothes for my toddler son? Nah, now we had wearable towels, pool was near our house and it was a hot summer day. I had NOTHING TO CARY! It almost felt like reaching a state of internal peace, of course that lasted only till we reached the pool but what a feeling :).

NOW, we bring this idea to you guys and would LOVE your feedback. We have already incorporated tons of cool things. Like our first design was standard sized towel without the option to button it up at front, well, good news ladies - we have a solution now! Just to end my long essay here would be to say : carrying a towel is a thing of the past!

With lots of love, 
Dace Lukasa-Tangri (call me Daisy ;) )


Our design process ...

Our design process started with the need but transformed into an amazing brainstorming session with professionals in fashion industry.

  • Developed the best/ most functional solution.
  • Created technical sketches to account for every millimeter.
  • Developed various prototypes.
  • Performed testing.
  • Now we are ready for your thoughts. Shall we proceed?


While we have designed possibly best solution, what we care is sewing the right material with 100% love & care.

  • Outsourced material with high moisture absorbency.
  • Sheared terry side to create smooth velour like effect
  • Add design elements to complement material and its looks.
  • Assure the carrying and maintaining the product is still easy.
  • Add embroidery for pristine differentiation.
  • Cannot have a towel without a hoodie, what an effect!
  • It is now ready to be not only sleek but also functional.

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