Design, Sketches and back to the Drawing Board

March 18, 2019

Design, Sketches and back to the Drawing Board

The idea about a towel like Amber Towel first came to mind in 2017. It came as frustration with conventional towels, there just had to be a better way. Towels (as we know them) have not changed since 18th century and for heavens sake it is 21st now. Frustration was mainly about how much space it takes, how I have to carry it always/ everywhere and then CARRY BACK. I had son and a husband, now multiply that number of towels times 3. I was exhausted...

First sample I put together looked terrible, i just took scissors and made random holes in my bath towel while my hubby was taking a shower. Imagine his surprise!! :) I worked and reworked, it was still not too good. I got materials from Joanna Fabrics but terry cloth available there for toweling was rather unfriendly for the skin (thin, rough and definitely did not feel good).

After several months of work and rework, I hired my first designers. Things got better, towels got better. The visual improved and we found a great fabric manufacturer! I was no longer shopping in Joanna Fabrics, I had found a dream fabric - 400 GSM terry cotton velour. While it sounds complicated it simply means it has a lot of cotton, has terry loops on one side for absorbency and sheared terry loops (like shaved :)) on the other side making it look like a velour. Boy it was smooth! shiny! and looked luxurious. 

We had found material finally! We worked on colors, experimented back and forth and finally Amber Towel as we know it now was born.

Currently, June 2019, we are releasing in a very limited quantity. If market loves us as much as we love the market and this industry, we will be more than honored to manufacture at least another larger batch.

What are your thoughts about Amber Towel? Yay or Nay? Tell us, we are all ears! :)


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