What is Amber Towel

March 18, 2019

What is Amber Towel

Amber Towel is much more than just a towel. It converts from blanket to towel, to robe. You name it!

It comes in one size fits most. To elaborate I would say that it fits people wearing Small to Large and it comes in 4 vibrant colors: white, navy blue, teal and sunset orange.

Imagine carrying towel or towels daily to pool or beach and then BACK! You would also need a bag for personal belongings, clothes to change and the list goes on! With Amber Towel you simply wear it, hands are free, and put your precious items in pockets.

3 easy steps – 1st button top to make a hoodie; 2nd put your hands through armholes; 3rd button up the front!

Would you much rather take a bag, clothes to change, swimsuit and towel? When you can just wear swimsuit under Amber Towel and be DONE. Save time and energy in preparation, once back home, simply hang it by the hood to save space in your closet.

You will also notice how spacious the Amber Towel is, the armholes are long, with a very soft fabric stitched around, the same material is also used on pockets. When laid fully open it could fit two not just one person.

It is also light-weight, while 100% cotton it has terry loops on 1 side for absorbency and on the other side loops have been sheared off for velour like smoothness. Amber Towel has been designed to be soft but also absorbent.

 The ‘WoW’ of course is that it is functional. You can wear it, it has pockets, hoodie, made of highest-quality material. I would say it looks luxurious and definitely feels like one as well. 


Shop now only as Amber Towel has been released in a very limited quantity only.

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