Designed to Work

March 18, 2019

Designed to Work

Amber Towel is more than just another beach towel. It is the finest choice that saves you precious time and energy.


While the traditional towels are focusing either on design or functionality, we decided to cover them both.That’s how we came up with a fresh approach for your outdoors adventures. Now, you have a blanket, towel, robe and dress - all in one!

Our manual craft is based on passion and commitment. We selected the highest quality cotton and tested different materials to combine it with, while keeping in mind both the functional and esthetic musts of an exclusive product. Constant improvement is something we believe in and we love adding discreet details that make the difference.

 When on vacation, Amber Towel is the one piece of clothing you can rely on. Use it as a chic dress for everything you need at the pool or beach.Then throw the hoodie over your head and Bam! - you have a towel! Unbutton it and enjoy your plush blanket within seconds!

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